artist's statement

As a documentary filmmaker, I’m interested in creatively sharing stories that inspire people to change things that could stand to be changed. My role as a transmedia* creator, however, is basically for personal gratification/purpose. &, referencing Louise Bourgeois, for sanity.

The original writing projects often span years as I research & develop while producing texts. The transmedia work is usually aspects of that development process. Many of these works emerge from a larger experimental novel project I’ve been cultivating for over 20 years – a parallel story told by life-long characters in texts, images, sound, ephemeral actions, and performance.

My creative process throughout all of my work is essentially sourced from the deeply feminine – that is, the intuitive, nurturing, formidable, nature-centric utility & beauty in interconnected embodiment. I care about presence & insight, transcendence, the profane, the funk, the sublime, the lush, the cinematic.

Thematically, I gravitate toward delectable sciences and la condition humaine, often with a wink to absurd theatre (hence italics) but also scratching [at] some truth, &, being mammalian, at intimacy. Playing with syntax & familiar imagery, my conscious effort addresses mood. It also attempts a fresh[ening] language, not to alienate but to invite an audience to perhaps re/approach an idea.

Usually I find that my favorite works of art are those that allow the artist herself growth as much as they might inspire an audience toward an internal transformation. This is likely the primary aspiration with my work. However, as a creative, I am most often overtaken with compulsion & the sheer gratification of the process. I only hope that my readers/viewers find the experience fun in the more cosmic sense of the word.



*Transmedia is essentially the use of various art forms as optional ways into a story or idea (immersion). One could also see them as projects that are essentially variations on a theme - but expressed across interdisciplinary or multimedia arts rather than within one medium.