A Quarantine Love Poem


The only laws of matter are those which our minds must fabricate, and the only laws of mind are fabricated for it by matter - James Clerk Maxwell


vibrate yourself out of phase the frequency of your color

the frequency of your aroma

true as sensation truth’s location is your path in your projection the attitude of your mind with your projected heart

don’t worry how long your familiar tiptoes around the outside

a visiting unlit constellation

let this test our reason we improvise a measurement of evidence

really it’s just a measure of faith

you and i vary rhythmically in brightness

in our color and in our anti-color and you’re so gorgeous

my physic is an attempt to engage with the unseen

like trying to trace one’s own shadow one solution to my fabricated quandary

i’m blissing in waves of probability i look at your perfect imagined mind

where symmetries give rise

you know better than i

the god particle in my boson demands

liberty; temporal asymmetry

sitting on my hands breathing dust become something

build something up

sky’s not falling and we’re not falling through the sky build it to rise through though it’s easier to break than to build a language of a new view

or is one a means to the other

there will forever be true things beyond reach

though vaults lie at your fingertips scanning the sky for an authenticity

i’m suspended on another plane imagining standing under your tree standing under my tree imagining you on a plane

floating here cosmic jelly fish imagining itself a spider

flipping the ego out of hand

wow these photons really do the trick

exploding over thirty light years

industry of stellar wind

a million miles an hour

nebula IC 1805 the heart in deep light

what i do know about the heart: each cell adjusts to syncopate with another

this is what we’ve been afraid of? the fever of matter packets of complexity like the smell of the beloved

these seismic things keep happening all over

we lay down hazy paths to connect them

there’s more to do while waiting our state is what we’re doing when waiting

keep tearing through the surface of your old world

what can you materialize when i say you i may mean me and otherwise

bridge our suspension

or have we already

with all our fluid history

add tissue of the shoreline

articulate this new world

break open its language

name our quark cornerstones appropriate words like “truth” and “beauty”

superimpose them onto crumbling foundations

being is what we do when waiting

let us the naïve play

the frequency of your color

the frequency of your aroma

true as sensation

vibrate in and out of phase

truth is your location in your course

the dynamic of your mind with your projected heart

our natural world is continually created

by love and strife

release our sorrow

clean page or letter

drawn lightly over your skin

the light you project

floats through leaves

lets me see you

made of a little earth and air you’re bound by light and heat

becoming is what you do while breathing love this


bound again




a new beginning comes ‘round to live on air and love

copyright 2007


Note and fun bonus poem:

Empedokles, pre-Socratic philosopher, democratic politician, orator, and mythologized miracle- worker, poetically wrote how the four “roots” or elements, air, earth, fire, water are continually brought together and separated by Love and Strife. Love is the attraction of different forms of matter, and Strife is the severance of them. The two explain eternal variation and harmony of everything in the natural world, both seen and unseen. In his work, On Nature, written in hexameter verse, he wrote,

“Behold the sun, warm and bright on all sides, and whatever is immortal and is bathed in its bright ray, and behold the rain-cloud, dark and cold on all sides; from the earth there proceed the foundations of things and solid bodies. In Strife all things are, endued with form and separate from each other, but they come together in Love and are desired by each other. For from these (elements) come all things that are or have been or shall be; from these there grew up trees and men and women, wild beasts and birds and water-nourished fishes, and the very gods, long-lived, highest in honour.

And as when painters are preparing elaborate votive offerings-men well taught by wisdom in their art - they take many-coloured pigments to work with, and blend together harmoniously more of one and less of another till they produce likenesses of all things; so let not error overcome thy mind to make thee think there is any other source of mortal things that have likewise come into distinct existence in unspeakable numbers; but know these (elements), for thou didst hear from a god the account of them.

There is one vision coming from both (eyes). (The heart) lies in seas of blood which darts in opposite directions, and there most of all intelligence centres for men; for blood about the heart is intelligence in the case of men. For men's wisdom increases with reference to what lies before them. In so far as they change and become different, to this extent other sorts of things are ever present for them to think about. For it is by earth that we see earth, and by water water, and by air glorious air; so, too, by fire we see destroying fire, and love by love, and strife by baneful strife. For out of these (elements) all things are fitted together and their form is fixed, and by these men think and feel both pleasure and pain.”

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