Hassen Saker is a transmedia creator, working in texts, audio, photography, film, art actions/performance &, most recently, NFTs.

Her written works have been published in magazines and small presses. Chapbooks include Salem (Belladona*), Crabapples (Furniture Press), Sky Journal from Land, Sky Journal from Sea, Sky Journal from Sky. Her first poetry collection, the triptych Sky Journal, was published in a single volume from Dusie Press in 2014. Her book of microsnark poems, Consolation Snacks, was published with Furniture Press in 2017 and she has a forthcoming book from Least Weasel.

Saker’s art film installations have been featured online, in public art spaces/shows, & have been performed in various venues. In 2011, she conceived, produced, directed & edited a feature-length private documentary & is currently in production of two more essay/documentary films with Dog Feed Dog Productions. She has collaborated with Natalie Jeremijenko at the xDesign Environmental Health Clinic at NYU. She founded the social media/channel, VolkLibre, a community of artist-activists, for which she directed & produced Heroes, a series of short video interviews with sustainability role models. Saker served for four years on Executive Committee for the Board of Directors of Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association.

Additionally, Saker has been a green business owner since 2006. Committed to the values of sustainable business, she was a director of the Board for the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia and for several years wrote for her eco-advice blog, Dear Hippie.